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AdorableProjects is a Indonesia local brand are established since 2008 in Bandung.

And began participate in the world of national fashion in 2009 with the hope and a great dreams for being one of the best brand in Indonesia are focus of concentrates meet community needs in the field of fashion of neck to toe, with a commitment to the satisfaction on the terms of service, with unique design, charming, adorable and the best quality of handmade products. 

Our dream also, wants to expand employment in this country and make it welfare. Until this moment we have 100 workers, and 20 peoples among them are the best and well skilled in art of craftsman shoes in Bandung, concentrating on the best quality of women's handmade shoes. 

We hope for the future, this brand is become better than the best and always provide outstanding service in terms of product and service, always meet the needs of the market in Indonesia and creating a new unique and creative design to bring forward the creative industries in Indonesia. 

We provide our customer high quality product rather than high quantity order but low quality. Customer satisfaction is our goal. And also, we are very grateful to God for the opportunity and a grace that He been given. 

And thanks to our customers are always gave their support, without their support we're nothing.

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